Biennial Update Reports on Climate Change

What is a BUR?

A BUR is a Biennial Update Report, or a report that is submitted every two years, to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by Parties that have ratified the Convention.

BURs are comprised of several major parts:

  • ​A greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. This section lists all of the estimated emissions of different greenhouse gases in different sectors. The inventory also estimates how much carbon is sequestered, or stored, in forests and soils. This section also describes changes relative to the base year for measuring emissions (in Macedonia, the base year is 1990) and describes other trends over time.
  • Actions to mitigate GHG emissions. This section lists and describes steps that the country is taking to offset or reduce GHG emissions. It also uses the results of computer modeling to describe the impact of different policies and measures on emissions.
  • Gaps, Needs, and Resources received. This section reports gaps countries face in taking action against climate change; the institutional, technical, and financial resources they need to address them; and the financial resources they have received from multilateral organizations, financial institutions, and other donors and sources of financing.
  • Measurement, reporting, and verification. This section describes systems that countries are using or plan to use to report effectively on their emissions and on measures they are taking to combat climate change.

Countries also provide information on their national circumstances and on other climate change-related topics where they would like to report activities.

 Second Biennial Update Report on Climate Change

   Additional documents:

      Your Guide to the Second Biennial Update Report on Climate Change
     Technical analysis summary report from UNFCCC

     National GHG Inventory Report

     Climate Change Mitigation Report

      Mapping of the Existing Relevant MRV Systems

    Perspectives after Paris- national requirements and synergies in climate change
           reporting towards UNFCCC and EU

      Constrains gaps and related technical and financial support needs

     Progress report - Climate Change Communication strategy and action plan
           Climate Change Communication Strategy and Action Plan

  First Biennial Update Report on Climate Change

   Additional documents:

          Technical analysis summary report from UNFCCC
           Short brochure
           Climate Change Mitigation
          Policy paper for determination of potential national GHG emission limitation
          Conceptual Framework for Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)
          National GHG inventory report
         Gender and Climate Change
         Climate change perception and awareness level
         Analysis from projects on climate change





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