Webinar - How much technological development and innovation cope with climate change?

Over the past month, despite restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and UNDP have been very active in the field of climate change. Many reports, analyzes, conclusions and recommendations have been presented on 13 webinars, giving quite ambitious directions on how our country can take the low-carbon development path. But going in the right direction requires deployment of appropriate technologies, development and innovation.

Whether these aspects are in line with climate change in our country, what is the current situation and what are the capacity building needs related to research, development, innovation and transfer of technology related to climate change, were some of issues presented by Prof. Dr. Valentina Gechevska at a webinar held on April 30, 2020.

The purpose of the webinar:

1. Presenting the current status of research, development, innovation and technology transfer related to climate change;

2. Summarizing the main principles and advantages of the Mechanism for Transfer of Technologies of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (TT: Clear mechanism);

3. Identifying the most suitable public institution to be officially nominated as a National Designated Authority for this Mechanism.

Ms. Gechevska noted that climate technologies are one of the three largest investments in the world and as such are extremely important in this time of digitalization and the 4th Industrial Revolution. In this direction, the development of the climate technologies of the future are extremely intensive and important worldwide, but they do not always reach us at the same pace.

This represents not only a major challenge for our country, but also an opportunity to respond to this challenge by joining the TT: Clear mechanism. This mechanism presents an open opportunity, but the first step to swim in this pool of resources is to nominate a national institution as a representative.

The benefits of the country's accession to the TT: Clear mechanism are: rapid availability, introduction of new climate technologies in energy, transport, industry, water, air, agriculture and other environmental areas. This will not only enable the country to achieve its ambitious climate change goals, but will also facilitate the EU accession process.

Additionally, Ms. Gechevska explained the methodology for identification of the most suitable institutions in the public sector, the non-governmental and private sector, as well as their evaluation in order to identify the one that could fully utilise the potential the TT: Clear mechanism offers. As a result, the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development (FITR) was pinpointed as the most suitable institution.

Nearly 40 participants of this webinar (64% women, 36% men) discussed the results and recommendations of the “Analysis of Research, Development and Innovation in Climate Change in the Country”. The discussion also followed the European Green Deal for a climate neutral continent by 2050, the implementation of which is closely linked to new technologies and innovations. The conclusion is that the debate on climate change is not a luxury but a necessity, that after the pandemic there is a need for "green recovery" in the economy and strong climate action. As a country, we need to move forward as soon as possible and nominate an institution for the TT: Clear Mechanism. Whether it should be FITR, should be discussed (to begin with) at an additional meeting between the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and FITR.

The webinar was held as part of the "Fourth National Communication and Third Biennial Update Report on Climate Change" project, which is being implemented by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning with the technical and financial support of UNDP and GEF.

You can watch the video here.



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