The process of gathering visions for a national Green Deal

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The process of gathering visions for a national Green Deal

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In this blog we get to know more about Kolektiv Z, the young activists for climate and social justice, the spheres of their work and their vision for a better society. At the same time, this text will encourage you to think about your vision for a better tomorrow.

"And now, close your eyes and imagine that it is 2030. Imagine the future in which YOU would like to live in 2030. Feel like a child with a boundless fantasy and let your mind travel to places you might never go. Give yourself as much time as you need, then start answering the visioning questions. "- With these words begins the process of visioning the platform for participatory democracy Green Voice (

This form, as the main part of the Green Voice platform, is the process through which the collective vision of the citizens of our country is built, available on Green Voice, in the Share Vision section. Through a simple questionnaire / platform form, each citizen can share their vision for the future, in one or more thematic groups that are part of our system of functioning and also form the Green deal document.

The National Green Deal, which Kolektiv Z, together with the initiated Coalition of the Future movement, is creating is based on civic visions. This vision collection process will last until July 2021 and the final drafts of the vision-based policies will be submitted to all relevant national governmental and non-governmental institutions, decision-making bodies and the Assembly. Therefore, we encourage all citizens to share their visions and to express themselves freely: through text, drawing, video, song, by following the questions and the flow of the form.

The initiators of this are the activists from Kolektiv Z - a youth association for climate and social justice, established in order to create a process for achieving a fairer and more equitable society and through which the necessary memories of our communities in our country are created.

"Thinking of transforming the present by building a shared vision of a just and sustainable future in which we and future generations want to live - we started creating a national Green Deal to organize towards achieving visions to improve lives in our communities," activists from Kolektiv Z are saying.

"The Green Deal is a comprehensive progressive plan to combat the climate catastrophe and eliminate socio-economic inequalities in the country. "It is a plan created based on a long-term collective vision for a socially just and environmentally friendly and climate-sustainable society by 2030, with concrete short-term steps to begin reorganizing the current political and economic system."

Short-term steps take the form of proposals for building and changing policies to achieve climate, social, economic and energy justice, as well as local initiatives to improve the lives of affected groups and communities, while preserving nature and local ecosystems.

The Coalition of the Future, as well as the Green Agreement, is composed of the previously mentioned 9 thematic working groups according to the outlines of the Green Deal:

  1. Decarbonization: Climate action, Clean energy, Smart Mobility

  2. Circular economy: Sustainable production, Consumption & Trade

  3. Depollution: Air, Water & Soil

  4. Sustainable Food Systems & Rural Areas

  5. Commons: Protection & Restoration of Ecosystems

  6. Arts, Culture, Education & Learning

  7. Governance and Decision Making

  8. Financing the system transformation

  9. Healthcare and Social Justice

This group is open to anyone who wants to work collectively, is already working, or is part of a group working to improve the lives of people in any sphere of existence. For those who are interested, fill out this form and become part of the FB group.

Kolektiv Z stands for a common vision made up of communities that thrive on love, solidarity and deep care, a home of free people who celebrate diversity and live in dignity and harmony with all living beings. "To achieve this vision, we believe we need a strong, united front with a radical vision for our future, rooted in solidarity, justice and caring for our communities and our environment.", Kolektiv Z are underlining.

Intersectionality, justice, feminism, solidarity and community are the five values ​​that the Collective stands for and which are the guide in achieving the collective vision. "Intersectionality is the main approach through which we see the different forms of systemic oppression and inequality, which often occur together in a complex and cumulative way, and through this approach we act to change the system and social justice. Using this approach in building movement, we create platforms for communities and individuals to share vision and collective transformative action.

Our role in this process is to create a platform where all citizens, especially young and affected communities, have space to share their views and vision for the future, which will directly contribute to the creation of a national Green Deal.

In order to realize the vision of all citizens for a better society, we believe that there must be actions that will emerge from this process towards a fair systemic transformation and improvement of our communities. "And this requires cross-sectoral cooperation, which will translate these ideas, principles, efforts and visions through an action plan that will be a priority for our country." 

So the big question is: are we all ready to work together today for a better tomorrow? 

Find out more about Kolektiv Z on their Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok, on or watch this short video on their YouTube channel

Kolektiv Z

Young activists united under the name Collective Z, work for climate and social justice



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