Young activists from Kolektiv Z participated in the Global Conference IID 2021

In March this year, representatives of Kolektiv Z were part of Istanbul Innovation Days 2021: Development and its futures

In March this year, the representatives of the Collective for Climate and Social Justice Kolektiv Z - Ena Utevska and Sofija Getova were part of Istanbul Innovation Days 2021: DEVELOPMENT AND ITS FUTURES​, where they participated in the session on Future Framing Session powered by EY - Berlin explores Green Economies & Innovation. They spoke about the importance of the intersectional approach, the civic creation of the national and Balkan Green Agreement and the Coalition of the Future movement. At the event, the young activists were presented as an example for young people, and from that position they were told to take action in their communities to create a better future for all.

Ena and Sofia from Kolektiv Z were invited by EY to present a case study on the topic: How should the economy adapt to green transformation - futuristic and innovative approaches to tackling climate challenges. 

As part of the goals of this session, the team of Kolektiv Z participated in showcasing the involvement of the next generation in global climate action and their influence on policy makers and business leaders on what they can achieve together – “Leave no one behind”

The session will address three key questions among others:

  • How can new cross-sector collaborations lead to innovative solutions for transitioning into a greener, more inclusive future whose benefits and opportunities are accessible to all? 

  • How do we develop the best strategies and redefine the different roles of public and private sectors for driving innovation and accelerating climate action?

  • How can we establish inclusive mechanisms for climate risk management and finance support for the communities most affected by climate change?

In addition, there is an excerpt from their interview, and the entire interview is available through the video from the session at the following link.

„The key approach of our organization for climate and social justice - Kolektiv Z is intersectionality, pointing out and understanding how the different forms of systemic injustices and oppressions intersect and allow the power structures to often operate together in a complex and cumulative way. We use this as our approach to act towards system change and social justice.

For implementing intersectionality in practice, we apply the collective visioning method for creating solutions, actions and even the movement itself, which is an important value for us, also represented in our name “Kolektiv Z”. We believe that in order for us to change the system, there has to be an act of togetherness in visioning what we want our system to be, and then co-creating it together with every community.

That is why with our work we are building a movement to tackle the social and environmental struggles by creating platforms for collective transformative actions to create joint efforts driven by our values as humanity, and not from positions of power.

That is why we are building the Coalition of the Future movement, which addresses social and environmental issues, creating platforms for shared visioning and collective action for systemic transformation. We imagine societies that thrive on love, solidarity and care, which are home to free people who celebrate diversity and live with dignity and in harmony with all living beings. And to achieve that, we need to stop waging petty wars based on individual responsibility and actions, which are based on shifting responsibility, and instead strive to act guided by our values ​​and humanity, rather than positions of power. .

At the Innovation Days 2021 conference, we are saying that we need a radical rethinking of development, a rethinking of global institutions, a challenge to the "status quo". But very often we do it from a privileged point of view, while there are whole communities, all over the world, who are already feeling the burden and consequences of all the systemic, social, economic and climate crises, literally right now as we speak.

“Behind our approaches of tackling this system crisis that is happening, whether it is on an EU, regional or local level, our approaches are changing according to the principles we work on: Addressing the Common but Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR), Being aware of the historic responsibility, and Intersectionality and collective community creation.

These principles are explaining that not everyone is experiencing the same and is equally responsible for the climate crisis and the broken system. So, we act accordingly.” 

Kolektiv Z is currently focused working on the national / local level, through the methods of collective visioning and intersectionality, we create a collective vision that emphasizes the "grass-roots" struggles. “It’s time to bring the decision making for our societies back to the hands of the people that live in those societies. People that know the resources, the nature, the land around them the best- public ownership of the commons, something that people will govern together democratically. Also, on a national level, our approach is to build bridges with the respective institutions in order to have a participatory decision making process with foundations including people's vision of their communities.

One example of such cooperation is our signed Memorandum with the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (MoEPP) in N. Macedonia and introducing them to our digital participatory platform Zelen glas that includes the collective visioning method as a way of connecting the people and the decision makers.” 

"We have come together to jointly work and break out of our silos, unite our struggles and strengthen our voices as social movements, human rights organisations and LGBTQI+ rights groups, feminist groups, environmental justice and migrant justice groups, farmers’ and mining workers unions, scientists, artists, healthcare workers, educators, policymakers, youth. We all need to have in mind that It’s not just meeting targets and setting ambitious goals, but to make sure that everyone has their hand in determining/deciding for their communities. ”

It’s time for our generation, the young people, to break the pattern. We are starting to see ourselves as powerful social actors building more just societies on a daily basis. („All About Movements“ Crea publication) 

Depending on where countries are at the moment and where they are transitioning to go, the idea is less likely that there is a single model for every country to copy and more what is a kind of multilateral framework guided by principles where governments, civil societies and all people come together to work out what actually their communities/societies need.

We are proud to be the people that started and initiated the power of collective creation and visioning for our country and the place we want to live in. But everyone can do that on their local level. All you need is the values that drive you and the passion for a better just world. 

And for those who are inspired to act as a changemaker in their society and learn more from our story, please do reach us out! Contact us at and will be happy to communicate, share practices and our experience.



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